Title : Advancing Socially Driven Scholarship: The STAR Scholar Certified Researcher Training Program

Authors : Shyam Sharma, Nasrin Pervin,Phuong Quyen Vo, Pratusha Bhowmik, Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo, Nela Navarro

Abstract : Embark on a transformative journey with the STAR Scholar Certified Researcher Training Program. This unique module-based, self-driven professional development program empowers scholars to deepen their understanding of the STAR vision while enhancing their research agenda and leadership skills. Through a blended learning approach, participants engage in immersive learning experiences, including self-paced online modules, workshops, mentoring sessions, and support hours, to acquire the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary for their professional success. This program goes beyond traditional professional development by emphasizing the social impact and justice aspects of research and scholarship. Scholars examine systemic inequalities, challenge dominant narratives, and advocate for structural change in their communities. With a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion, the program addresses the needs of marginalized communities, fostering a culture of learning and growth. Guided by experienced facilitators, participants embark on a self-driven learning adventure, collaborating with fellow scholars to generate new ideas and challenge assumptions. The program encourages scholars to develop their research agenda with a clear social purpose, publish impactful work, enhance academic communication skills, integrate research and teaching, and develop their own training programs to cascade knowledge within their local and translocal networks.

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