Title : Correlation between Degenerative Changes and Osteoporosis in Lumbar Spine of Elderly Women in Dhaka city, Bangladesh

Authors : Sultana Amena Ferdoucy ,Md Anower Hussain Mian,Nasrin Akhter,Md Shafiqul Alam,MA Sadek

Abstract : Aims: Degenerative joint diseases and decreased bone mass i.e. osteoporosis are two common age related skeletal disorders responsible for pain and disability. Bangladesh has a high incidence of osteoporosis and the incidence particularly in women, occurs among a relatively younger age group than in the developed world. However little is known about the correlation between degenerative changes and osteoporosis in lumbar spine of elderly women. The purpose of this study was to clarify this relationship in elderly women of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Journal : City Dental College Journal Volume : 10 Year : 2013 Issue : 1
Pages : 18-21 City : Edition : Editors :
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