Title : Searching for a sustainable arsenic mitigation strategy in Bangladesh: experience from two upazilas.

Authors : Jakariya M, von Bromssen M, Jacks G, Chowdhury AMR, Ahmed KM, Bhattacharya P.

Abstract : Arsenic concentrations of tubewell water that exceed the Bangladesh Drinking Water Standard pose a serious health problem for millions of people in Bangladesh. Groundwater is the source of drinking water for 98% of the population. The main object of the study was to review the status of the provided options, which were distributed during 1999–2001 in two upazilas. It was observed that acceptability of the distributed options was not encouraging; less than 2% of the provided options were found to be in operation. However, two new approaches emerged from people's initiatives, which are making rapid and positive contributions to safe water coverage.

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