Title : Drugs in South Asia: From the Opium Trade to the Present Day

Authors : Haq, M. Emdadul

Abstract : This book reveals the unknown colonial history in South Asia, never explained the same way before by any leading historian or political analyst either from the East or West. It connects the post-independent drug trafficking & addiction problems in India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh as the legacies of the colonial past. Cold-War politics in southwest Asia & Indo-Australia trade war in medicinal opium in the 1980s complicated the problems even further. The dangers of the drug trade in South Asia have now become globally untamed & devastating.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2000 Issue :
Pages : 413 City : London & New York Edition : Editors :
Publisher : Macmillan Press Ltd., & St. Martin's Press, Inc. ISBN : ISBN 0-333-75465-4 & 0-312-22379-X Book : Chapter :
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