Title : The Prospect of Stem Cells for HIV and Cancer Treatment: A Review

Authors : Khandaker Nujhat Tasnim , Sumiya Haque Adrita , Shahadat Hossain , Shahrukh Zaman Akash, Shazid Md. Sharker

Abstract : The news regarding the successful treatment of uncured diseases is extremely exciting. Recently, the study of stem cells has been widely considered. The stem cells have the potential to be converted to all specialized functional cells. Advances in cell engineering and genetic reprogramming of the stem cells have contributed to novel approaches that may bring hope to HIV and cancer patients. In this regard, HIV patients recently received a stem-cell transplant that replaced their white blood cells with HIV-resistant versions (obtained from stem cells). However, only a few clinically successful approaches are available on new stem cells. This review includes two parts; in the first section, the reader can obtain a basic idea about stem cells, whereas the second part emphasizes new opportunities and directions in translating stem cells basic research to the clinical applications.

Journal : Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research Volume : 6 Year : 2020 Issue : 1
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