Title : A Conceptual Study of Urban Spaces in Bangladesh: Exploring Patriarchy From a Feminist Perspective

Authors : Nasrin Pervin, Mahani Mokhtar, Nishat Zarin Haque

Abstract : Patriarchy has been commonly referred to as autocratic rule by the male mastery both in public and private spheres. It has become a social framework in which men hold essentials to control and prevail in parts of political administration, ethical specialists, social benefit, and control of property. In Bangladesh, men have historically dominated, oppressed, and exploited women. When women grow up, the tradition in which they are raised emphasizes the need for modesty and virginity, particularly for women. This is unassumingly visible not only in the countryside but also in urban spaces. This research examines the notion of patriarchy and its precise relationship to contemporary urban culture in the country. In addition, it investigates patriarchy as a concept from the perspective of feminists to address the fundamental feminist concerns about women's work and lives in the context of the urban spaces in Bangladesh.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2023 Issue :
Pages : 240-268 City : Edition : Editors :
Publisher : ISBN : Book : Urban Poetics and Politics in Contemporary South Asia and the Middle East Chapter : 12
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