Title : The COVID-19 Pandemic: Why are some countries coping more successfully than others

Authors : Hasan Muhammad Baniamin, Mizanur Rahman & Mohammad Tareq Hasan

Abstract : Countries have experienced varied success in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. To understand these variations, the study used netnography on news media and websites, and social media. Factors identified as critical to success in managing the pandemic fall into two categories: state-centric and socio-demographic. State-centric factors such as policy learning and implementation structure, and technological and administrative readiness have influenced success. Contextual factors such as a country’s demographic profile (e.g., age), family structure (multigenerational family), and cultural attributes (e.g., kissing and hugging to greet) also shape the effectiveness of policies for controlling the pandemic.

Journal : Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration Volume : 42 Year : 2020 Issue : 3
Pages : 153–169 City : Edition : Editors :
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