Title : Assessment of Job Satisfaction and Relation to Employee Engagement: An Empirical Analysis on Kindergarten School Teachers in Bangladesh

Authors : Muslima Zahan, Shuvashish Das

Abstract : The paper represents job satisfaction and employee engagement in the Kindergarten School. The purpose of the paper is to measure job satisfaction among kindergarten school teachers in Bangladesh and then to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and employee engagement. To conduct the study, three hypotheses have been developed and tested with multiple regression and correlation from the SPSS output. To collect data, a survey questionnaire was developed and filled up by 456 teachers from 114 kindergarten schools in Bangladesh. The paper explores that absence of Hygiene factors, such as Remuneration, Working condition, Administrative policy cause higher job dissatisfaction and lack of Motivators, such as Advancement, Recognition cause lower job satisfaction among kindergarten school teachers. The paper also tests the relationship status between job satisfaction and employee engagement which describes a strong positive relationship. Consequently, most of the school teachers who are the respondents of this study are considerably dissatisfied as well as disengaged

Journal : IUBAT Review A Multidisciplinary Academic Journal Volume : 3 Year : 2020 Issue : 1
Pages : 43-53 City : Edition : Editors :
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