Title : Social Business Marketing Mix

Authors : Zarjina Khalil, Mehdi Hussain

Abstract : The marketing mix is a combination of different elements used to serve a market. This chapter proposes a marketing mix unique to social businesses. Since social businesses are often targeted towards the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) population with the main objective of solving a social problem, the authors propose a revised marketing mix. The chapter clearly defines a social business and differentiates it from corporate social responsibility (CSR). The elements of product, price, place and promotion are customized and made applicable to those who are affected by a social problem. Three small start-up social business ventures are then described in detail to illustrate how the proposed marketing mix applies to social businesses.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2014 Issue :
Pages : 177-198 City : Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg Edition : Editors : Andrea Grove, Gary A Berg
Publisher : Springer ISBN : 978-3-642-45274-1 Book : Social Business Theory, Practice, and Critical Perspectives Chapter : 11
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