Title : Cartoon dynamics and its impact on the middle-class children: an analysis on the perception of parents and children in Dhaka city

Authors : Rana J

Abstract : Cartoon is the medium of entertainment for children that affects children in different ways and created a considerable debate in the age of globalization in Bangladesh. The research has explored the nature of cartoon broadcasted by different satellite channels and how children are being socialized in the middle class families in order to examine the impacts of cartoons on children in Dhaka. This is an empirical study conducted applying qualitative method and data were collected through in-depth interview and participatory observation in middle class families in the capital city of Bangladesh. The nature of cartoons are diversified such as fantasy, fiction, magical, sci-fi, mythological, funny, fairy tale, action, horror, detective, martial art, prince-princess, adventurous, puppets, Japanese, Indian, English and Bengali which have cognitive, behavioral, psychological, social, mental, physical and cultural impacts on the middle class children. As a result, middle class children become cartoonized rather being socialized that causes the development of their cartoonholic self.

Journal : The Journal of social studies Volume : 148 Year : 2015 Issue : October-December
Pages : 78-100 City : Edition : Editors :
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