Title : Are women less efficient in converting microcredit into functionings: Evidence from Bangladesh

Authors : Tamgid Chowdhury, Pundarik Mukhopadhaya

Abstract : This study compares the relative efficacy of microcredit recipient men and women in utilizing credit to achieve functionings in order to explore their specific capability enhancing needs. It is argued that the existing comparison criteria are solely from the institutional perspective and necessarily ignore the functioning achievements issues. This article addresses that gap by proposing a multidimensional model that can capture the stated issue. The data is based on 562 samples collected from 78 randomly chosen villages in Bangladesh. Results suggest that women have better savings patterns and much better access to markets and other important information compared with men, except information about government. However, the study also revealed that despite better income and savings, land-holding size and home ownership patterns of women are declining and women are still disadvantaged in making decisions at their workplaces, in performing political works and they suffer from insecurity problems with more mental stress.

Journal : European Journal of Development Research Volume : 26 Year : 2014 Issue : 5
Pages : 725-742 City : Edition : Editors :
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