Title : Sustainable Livelihood for Displaced Rohingyas and their Resilience at Bhashan Char in Bangladesh

Authors : Md. Monirul Islam, Aparna Barman, Makidul Islam Khan, Gour Gobinda Goswami, Bulbul Siddiqi, Sharif A. Mukul

Abstract : The livelihood sustainability of the Rohingya refugees relocated in Bhashan Char, Bangladesh has been questioned by various international stakeholders due to the remoteness and perceived vulnerabilities of the Island. The Bangladesh government, a few international organi-zations and some non-government organizations are working on developing livelihood oppor-tunities in there. But there is scarce study about the livelihood opportunities and challenges of the Rohingyas living there. This study explores the vulnerabilities and livelihood opportunities of Rohingyas in Bhashan Char so as to help increase their resilience. The vulnerabilities include natural, geographical and climatic shocks and stresses (e.g., cyclone, floods, storm surge, sea-level rise, geographical position). However, there are ample opportunities for their livelihood de-velopment despite some challenges which can be overcome with concerted efforts. The oppor-tunities include intensification and extensification of livelihood activities, such as, modern agri-culture, fish farming, livestock rearing, small business, handicraft, fishing net mending, crab fattening, biofloc aquaculture and fish cage culture. But turning these opportunities into reality requires sufficient investment and internationally positive attitude. Better shelter, better disaster preparedness, cultural practices, education and skill development can increase their capacity to bounce-back and absorb shocks and make them more resilient. National and international hu-manitarian organizations should plan to enhance the resilience of the Rohingya communities living in Bhashan Char and island itself so that they can sustain in the long run even after their anticipated repatriation to Myanmar.

Journal : Sustainability Volume : 14 Year : 2022 Issue : 10
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