Title : Advancement of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Relation to Public Health

Authors : Mohammad D H Hawlader

Abstract : Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has been developed as disciplines in this century. Both the Biochemistry and molecular biology together are making a significant contribution to the aspect of population health. In last decade, the health care and delivery system all over the world became systematic and technologically more advanced. The doorway of the new century is a promising time to review the public health advances over the past 100 years. In the twentieth century, there was a significant improvement in public health methods, practice, and health of the general population. For the assessment and promotion of health and ultimately for the reduction of the burden of morbidity and mortality, there is an emergence of invention of new tools. Some of the contributions of Biochemistry and Bimolecular science are prominently notable for their impact on reduction of mortality and prolonging longevity. Many new and ongoing evolutions which are ultimately giving the guidance to develop a comprehensive health care system in the frame of reference of public health. Both molecular biology and biochemistry have the potentiality to achieve extensive environmental, economic and health benefits. There is a contrast between personal health and public health. The personal health attended as separate from public health. Globally the upcoming challenge is to convince the policy makers that personal health care is not the only option to improve health care and delivery system. Furthermore, allocation of funds, either in research, program operation, monitoring and evaluation, are the prime important to be started urgently and immediately with the novel goal to improve health for the entire population of the world. So public health incorporation with laboratory techniques will be more effective approach to combate future health challenges.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2019 Issue :
Pages : 59-70 City : New York Edition : 1st Editors : Hossain Uddin Shekhar
Publisher : Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN : 9781536164350 Book : Trends in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Chapter : 3
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