Title : Preparation and development of Liposomal drug delivery of Blumea lacera leaf extract using phospholipid from different egg sources

Authors : F. A. Simin, R. Tasnim, N. Nahar, S. Hossain, M. Kazi, H. M. Reza, M. H. Shariare

Abstract : Purpose: Blumea lacera is a medicinal plant used as an anti-cancer agent in ethnomedicine by folk medicine practitioners.[1] The plant exhibits a variety of medicinal properties such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal activity; however they are hydrophobic.[2] Therefore, the study is aimed to develop a nano liposomal formulation of the extract to improve the solubility and for targeted drug delivery. Method Blumea lacera leaves were extracted using methanol as solvent and characterized by GC-MS. Phospholipids were extracted in-house from 3 different egg sources (farm egg, local egg, duck egg) and characterised using GC-MS. Phosphotidylcholine (PC) content of different egg sources were also quantified using GC-MS. Blank liposomes and drug loaded liposomes were prepared using ethanol injection method. The average particle size, poly dispersity index (PDI) of liposome batches were characterized using Malvern Zetasizer. Result GC-MS data showed that major ingredients found in Blumea lacera extracts are- transphytol, stigmasterol, neophytadiene and 1,2 Benzenedicarboxylic acid. Previous research in this area revealed that transphytol has potent anti-cancer property and stigmasterol has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory and anti-oxidant properties. Difference in ingredients and its percentage content was observed for phospholipids extracted from different egg sources (Table 1). Results showed that highest PC content was found in local egg liquid filtrate (80.90%) compared to other egg sources. Blank liposomes were prepared initially using local egg and Malvern Zetasizer data showed that size of liposomes were in the range of 100-200 nm. Effect of egg source and cholesterol was observed on average liposome size. Liposome prepared with local egg phospholipid exhibit low average size compared to liposome prepared using farm egg source, however further studies need to be conducted. Drug loaded without cholesterol showed low average particle size (182.8 nm) compared to liposome prepared with cholesterol (237.9 nm). Conclusion Phospholipids extracted from different egg sources found to have marked impact on average particle size of liposome. In future the goal is to explore the effect of different ingredients found in different egg sources on the stability and average size of the liposome and evaluation of their release profile

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Publisher : AAPS annual meeting and exposition , 2018 ISBN : Book : Chapter :
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