Title : An Immunopharmacoinformatics Approach in Development of Vaccine and Drug Candidates for West Nile Virus

Authors : Mohammad Uzzal Hossain, Chaman Ara Keya, Keshob Chandra Das, Abu hashem, Taimur Md. Omar, Arif Khan, S.M.Rakib-Uz-Zaman and Md. Salimullah

Abstract : An outbreak of West Nile Virus (WNV) like the recent Ebola can be more epidemic and fatal to public health throughout the world. WNV possesses utmost threat as no vaccine or drug is currently available for its treatment except mosquito control. The current study applied the combined approach of immunoinformatics and pharmacoinformatics to design potentialepitope-basedvaccinesand drug candidatesagainstWNV. By analyzing the whole proteome of 2994 proteins, the WNV envelope glycoprotein was selected as a therapeutic target based on its highest antigenicity. After proper assessment “KSFLVHREW” and “ITPSAPSYT” were found to be the most potential T and B-cell epitopes, respectively. Besides, we have designed and validated four novel drugs from a known WNV inhibitor, AP30451 by adopting computational approaches. Toxicity assessment and drug score con?rmed the effectiveness of these drug candidates. This in silico research might greatly facilitate the wet lab experiments to develop vaccine and drug against WNV.

Journal : Frontiers in chemistry Volume : 6 Year : 2018 Issue :
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