Title : Enhancing Mixed Road Traffic Forecasting Method using Vehicle Tracking System in GPS

Authors : Fahmina Nur Salma, Shazzad Hosain

Abstract : Predicting congestion waiting time in driveway helps us to reduce travel distance and reach the destination in less time. In cities, increase of traffic volume is a challenge to efficient transportation. In this paper, we present a mixed road traffic flow prediction model, which may aid to reduce traffic congestion. An algorithm with live GPS data collected from vehicle tracking system is proposed. The use of traffic simulator based technique enables an iterative method to choose the best route in advance. In this effort, we have gathered and implemented the software tools for collecting tracked vehicle in GPS traces, which provides full mechanism on the data gathering apparatus. Our approach has been tested in a large road network, where all traits of an urban city are present. The study shows favorable result of this new approach.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2018 Issue :
Pages : City : Uttar Pradesh, India Edition : Editors :
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Proceeding Title : International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies (GUCON) Institution : Issuer : Number :