Title : Developing Multidimensional Employability Skill Index: A study of Local and Multi-national Companies in Bangladesh.

Authors : Tamgid Chowdhury, Mohammad Miah

Abstract : This study offers an “employability skill index” for entry-level job seekers and compares the skill requirements of local and multinational corporations (MNCs) in Bangladesh through a structural equation modelling approach. The primary data were collected from 1,285 managers in 24 local companies and 27 MNCs in Bangladesh. The results of the study revealed an eight-dimensional 33-item index with significant differences in skill requirements between local companies and MNCs. The study found that local companies put more emphasis on “Reliability Skills” and “Integrity Skills”. MNCs, on the other hand, highlighted “Interactive Skills” and “Academic Skills” substantially. Finally, the article suggests some directions for future research.

Journal : South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management Volume : 6 Year : 2019 Issue : 1
Pages : 73-96 City : Edition : Editors :
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