Title : Climate change adaptation in Bangladesh agriculture

Authors : Kamrun Nahar

Abstract : Access to nutritional food is a key dimension of food security. Fruit and vegetables are the richest natural sources of micronutrients, essential for human health. But in developing countries daily fruit and vegetable consumption is very low compared to developed countries.Crop adaptation, switching to more drought-tolerant crop species/varieties, is an important adaptation strategy within a diverse portfolio of livelihood responses to climatic stress. The aim of the present study is to synthesize the impacts of climate change in agriculture and find out a suitable drought tolerant tomato variety out of four varieties commonly cultivated in Bangladesh, for climate change adaptation and also to evaluate fruit quality with minimum use of water. We believe that our study and our findings would help not only to avoid harmful effects of climate change in particular areas of our agriculture but would also add to our food security.

Journal : Volume : Year : 2022 Issue :
Pages : 424-433 City : Dhaka Edition : Editors : Sharif Uddin Ahmed
Publisher : Prothoma Prokashan ISBN : 97898496750 13 Book : 50 years of Bangladesh, A tale of a miracle Chapter : Energy and climate change
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