Title : Challenges to Improve Water and Sanitation Facilities in Bangladesh

Authors : Md. Jakariya Ahmed M. Farid

Abstract : The Government of Bangladesh has undertaken several initiatives to halve the proportion of population without access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) but there has only been partial success. This study aims at identifying the reasons for poor water supply and sanitation coverage in poverty stricken areas, compares existing coverage with a baseline study, and suggests policies for overcoming the deficiencies. In doing so, relevant information have been extracted through Household survey and Focus Group Discussions (FGD). Well water samples have been collected and tested. IBM SPSS Statistics proved useful in the data analysis phase. It has been found that both income and education significantly influence sanitation coverage. Finally, recommended initiatives to meet MDGs have been provided

Journal : Journal of American Water Works Association Volume : 108 Year : 2016 Issue :
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