Title : Modeling Covid-19 Transmission Dynamics: A Bibliometric Review

Authors : Gour Gobinda Goswami, Tahmid Labib

Abstract : A good amount of research has evolved just in three years in COVID-19 transmission, mortality, vaccination, and some socioeconomic studies. A few bibliometric reviews have already been performed in the literature, especially on the broad theme of COVID-19, without any particular area such as transmission, mortality, or vaccination. This paper fills this gap by conducting a bibliometric review on COVID-19 transmission as the first of its kind. The main aim of this study was to conduct a bibliometric review of the literature in the area of COVID-19 transmission dynamics. We used bibliometric analysis using descriptive and network analysis methods to review the literature in this area using RStudio, Openrefine, VOSviewer, and Tableau. We reviewed 1103 articles published in 2020–2022. The result identified the top authors, top disciplines, research patterns, and hotspots and gave us clear directions for classifying research topics in this area. New research areas are rapidly emerging in this area, which needs constant observation by researchers to combat this global epidemic.

Journal : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Volume : 19 Year : 2022 Issue : 21
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