Title : Sustainable Rice Business: A Survey for Strategic Implication

Authors : Muslima Zahan, Shafquat Rafiul Alam

Abstract : To study the profitability and sustainability of rice business from a strategic perspective this paper attempts to give a thorough insight into how the rice business operates, who the major stakeholders are; what strategies are being followed; and what are the significant challenges facing the industry. Design/methodology/approach- Primary data was collected through a survey questionnaire based on a sample of 50 rice retailers from whom both qualitative and quantitative data were collected. The correlation between profitability, business tenure, sustainability, and business strategies were explored. Findings – It was found that the correlation between low-cost strategy and sustainability (82.5%) and between profitability and sustainability (56%) are significantly positive. Profit and long business tenure are also found to be © 2020 Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Vol XVI, Iss 2, May 2020 RossiSmith Academic Publications, Oxford/London UK, www.publicationsales.com 74 positively correlated. The study also revealed that implementing a focused lowcost strategy is one of the most successful strategic choices for these businesses in the given context.

Journal : Journal of Asia Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Volume : 16 Year : 2020 Issue : 2
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