Title : Influence of solvent on the morphology and subsequent comminution of ibuprofen crystals by air jet milling

Authors : Shariare, M.H., Blagden, N., De Matas, M., Leusen, F.J.J. & York, P

Abstract : Crystal morphology plays an important role in drug processing and delivery, which may be controlled during crystallisation. In this study, ibuprofen particles with different size and morphology were produced by controlled crystallisation in order to evaluate their impact on particle size reduction. Results suggest that the micronisation behaviour of ibuprofen was markedly influenced by the morphology and size of starting materials. It was possible to reduce the size of ibuprofen particles to sizes less than 5 :m during dry milling, which is markedly below the reported brittle–ductile transition size. Results also indicate that the particle size reduction mechanism is influenced by the size and morphology of the starting ibuprofen crystals. Dissolution behaviour of ibuprofen was shown to be influenced by the solid surface chemistry of micronised drug particles. The molecular modelling study provided deeper understanding of the experimental findings observed in this study.

Journal : JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES Volume : 101 Year : 2012 Issue : 3
Pages : 1108-1119 City : Edition : Editors :
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