Title : Enhancement of Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Al3+ substituted CuZn Nano ferrites with Structural Rietveld Refinement

Authors : S. K. Ahmed, M. F. Mahmood, M. Arifuzzaman and M.B. Hossen

Abstract : Nanoparticles of Cu0.65Zn0.35AlxFe2-xO4 (x =0.00 to 0.10, in the step size of 0.025) were synthesized by employing the auto-combusted sol–gel process and annealed at 700 ?C. The effect of Al3+substituted Cu-Zn mixed nanoferrites on the structural, magnetic, dielectric, and electrical properties has been investigated. The behavior of the structural exploration of these compositions has been implemented by the X-ray diffraction technique and further refined through the Rietveld refinement technique which provides structural homogeneity parameters like crystal structure, crystallite size and cation distribution. The surface morphology revealed the existences of spherical shape nano-grains with narrow size distribution. Dielectric properties display reduction in space charge polarization with Al3+content. From the electric modulus analysis, broader semicircles are obtained by the substitution of Al3+in our parent compound. The addition of upto 5% Al content shows increment of both grain (Rg) and grain boundary resistance. Enhancement of Rg contribution with Al3+content at high frequency region reduced eddy current losses remarkably. The rising trend of ?ac depicts the normal nature of the investigated materials with frequency, which is clarified by the electron hopping mechanism. The saturation magnetization (Ms) increased with nonmagnetic Al3+substitution up to x =0.075 and upon application of Law of Approach to Saturation various hysteresis parameters like Ms, anisotropy constant are obtained.

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