Title : Is the Level of Industrialization Co-integrated with Economic Growth in Bangladesh?”

Authors : Md. Sharif Hossain

Abstract : In developing countries economic transformation with rising per capita income is a continuous process from agriculture to manufacturing and then from manufacturing to service. Since the definition of service is nebulous, so I have focused on economic transformation from agricultural to manufacturing i.e. on industrialization. Generally, in less developed or developing countries the population pressure stimulates agricultural production which may encourage industrialization via technological progress. We know that the level of industrialization is associated with economic growth. That is why, in this paper the principal purpose has been made to investigate whether the level of industrialization is co-integrated or not with economic growth in Bangladesh. In this paper, firstly, I have examined that the agricultural production encourages industrialization via technological progress. Secondly, I have used the unit root tests with and without break points in order to examine the order of integration for these variables and then the co-integrated tests are applied to know that the pair of variables, the level of industrialization and economic growth shares the same stochastic trend or not.

Journal : Journal of Business Studies Volume : XXXI Year : 2010 Issue : 2
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